Wheel Repair & Wheel Welding

Do you need an alloy repair in Aberdeenshire?

Wheels can become damaged for a number of reasons. Whether its age, a pothole accident or scuffs, your alloys can be left in need of repair. Replacing your wheels when they become damaged can be expensive. That's where our technicians come in. They can restore the majority of alloy wheels back to their former self in no time, at a fraction of the cost of new ones.

Our years of expertise in the tyre business mean we can repair:

  • Cracked wheels
  • Corroded wheels
  • Chipped wheels
  • Scuffed wheels
  • Dented wheels

How are my alloys repaired?

Using specialist tools and techniques in our Turriff tyre garage, we can repair many damaged alloys and bring them back to their original factory finish. The process involves:

  • Hand blasting to remove old layers of paint and lacquer
  • Addressing any scuffs, dents, chips or cracks
  • Applying a primer
  • Adding any further finishes you desire

Trust our tyre technicians to repair your alloys

With years of experience in restoring damaged wheels back to their original condition, you can trust your alloys are in good hands. Our qualified team never compromise on safety so if your tyre is too damaged to repair, well tell you.

We pride our reputation on our speedy service, safe repairs and quality finishes and we enjoy our mix of returning customers and new referrals.

Call us now on 01888 544140, were open seven days a week and offer evening tyre repairs by appointment.