Motorcycle Tyres

Sport tyes, off-road tyres, Cruiser tyres and more

We at Woodton Tyres don't want to let you down. We will do our utmost to get the motorcycle tyres you want at the best possible price and as fast as possible. We don't like losing customers and a potential friend so give us a phone or email us your requirements and one of our dedicated staff will be happy to help you out.

Whether your motorcycle is a:

  • Sports bike
  • BKT
  • Off-road bike
  • Sports tourer
  • Michelin
  • Cruiser, adventure bike or a scooter

Woodton Tyres are always happy to help you get the service you require with excellent results.

Woodton Tyres have a large selection of motorcycle tyres available. Call us now on 01888 544140, were open six days a week and offer evening tyre repairs by appointment.